5 Key Areas To Styling When Selling Your House

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If you are a homeowner prepping to put your house on the market, you should make sure your property is adequately styled. Property styling before putting it on the market will ensure it attracts a wider pool of potential buyers. This is usually best done by a professional who can declutter and depersonalize the space and make it look pretty from inside and out. But when styling house for sale, there are some key areas you must pay more attention to.

5 Key Areas You Need To Pay Attention To

Your buyers will have their eyes on some key areas around your property, including your living room, dining area, master bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms. Here is what you need to know about styling each one!

1. The Living Room

The living room is the first room your buyers will step foot into. They want to see a space that is comforting and convenient. While styling your living room, make sure to depersonalize it. You want to build a setting your buyers can envision themselves living in. Focus on how the furniture is arranged, add minimal but the right decorative pieces that add warmth, and don’t be afraid of adding unique textures or a pop of colour here and there!

2. The Dining Room

The next area your buyers will see is the dining room. This is where they should be able to envision themselves having their meals as a couple or as a family.

For this, try to make your room appear as spacious as can be; adding glass-topped tables that reflect light might do the trick! You can also use pendant lighting that will not only act as a focal point but will provide excellent lighting over the table. As for decor, you should take a minimalist approach because you don’t want your dining room to seem cluttered.

3. The Master Bedroom

When people imagine a master bedroom, they want a comforting space where they can relax after a tiring day. The focal point is your bed which should have a comfortable mattress, neat linen sheets, and plenty of throw pillows to tie in colour accents within the room. You can also add some bedside lamps or over-the-bed artwork to keep it interesting!

4. The Kitchen

For the kitchen, buyers want a space that looks functional but is also stylish. It should be a welcoming place where they can see themselves cooking and enjoying a hearty meal. Pay attention to where you place your kitchen appliances, add adequate lighting to make your kitchen seem spacious, and try to spruce up the place with sparse decor.

5. Bathrooms

Property staging is never complete with your bathrooms. A bathroom should look pristine and clean. Focus on a simpler colour palette and minimum accessories. Clear away the vanity by removing any personal hygiene products – buyers don’t want to see these. You can add some gold accent pieces for a touch of luxury.

Oh, and most importantly, add quality lighting. The bathroom is also one of the key areas that demand good lighting. Have lights placed at eye level near the vanity for best results!

Like Styling: The Name to Trust for Best Property Styling

By styling these areas, you can sell your property quicker than you can imagine. However, it usually gets overwhelming for homeowners to do it themselves, which is why it is best to hire a professional property stylist to assist you! After all, styling a house for sale requires an expert eye.

Work with Like Styling, one of the leading property stylists in Australia offering expert property styling services at a highly affordable rate. Our home styling team will help you style all these key areas with care and establish appealing, timeless settings that will grant you a buyer in no time!

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