6 Things You Should Never Do When Decorating Your Home

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When we decorate our homes, we spend a lot of time and effort designing the beautiful layouts, and we frequently ignore the other crucial parts of décor. If you are considering a home decorating update, take a glance around and ask yourself if you have appropriately planned the makeover. When decorating a home, several factors must be considered, including optimal planning, space division, color and furniture choices, and many more. And, most crucially, how to put all of these components together to give your home the ‘ideal feel’ you desire.

Whether you have just begun decorating your house or are in the middle of it, take note of the top six mistakes you must avoid.

Decorating Your Home Without a Strategy

Online shopping is quite appealing. However, decorating without a strategy might result in your house appearing less than its best. Take the time to sit down and describe what you need to make your house both attractive and useful before making any purchases.

Begin by deciding on a color palette and a design style. These two considerations should be considered for every transaction you make. No matter how much you adore an item, if it does not fit into your overall design scheme, it will not seem harmonious with the rest of your furnishings. A well-thought-out plan can also assist you in staying within your budget and avoiding buyer’s regret.

Decorating Your Home By Hanging Things at an Inappropriate Height

Hanging drapes and paintings at the incorrect height is a layout mistake. When it comes to artwork, the majority of people hang it too high. A decent general rule is to hang photos so that the centre is at eye level. While eye level varies from person to person, the average is around 60 inches.

In the case of curtains, the exact opposite is true, and most people hang them too low. Hang curtain rods slightly below the ceiling to make windows look larger and to let in the most natural light. Allow the curtain rod to reach far enough past the window frame so that the curtains do not cover the window when closed.

Decorating Your home

Using an Excess Number of Colors

Decorating with too many colors will always result in a crowded appearance. To give your house a seamless, comfortable vibe, blend one or two tones with neutral colors. This living room uses several tones of blue to create a beautiful, harmonious atmosphere. The neutral carpets, window treatments, and furnishings enable the area to breathe while also making it look larger and more open.

Lighting Isn’t Layered

The majority of people live under poor illumination without even recognising it. Layering multiple forms of illumination at diverse intensities across the space is the key to ideal lighting. The idea is to have enough light to do any work that the room may be utilized for.

Each room should have adequate illumination to allow you to move about securely. Task lighting is also recommended for tasks such as reading and cooking. After the space has been adequately lighted, you may add accent lighting to accentuate artwork or architectural details.

Decorating Your Home

Ignoring Wall Space

That is a significant decorating mistake for which you do not want to be held responsible. Going crazy for floor space while disregarding wall space will result in a congested and over-stuffed home. If there is a method to make advantage of the wall space above your floor, go for it. Lamps, folding desks, paintings, bookcases, and other wall-mounted items may free up valuable floor space, giving your home a more organized and attractive appearance. And, of course, allowing positive energy to pour in.

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