How Much Does Property Styling Cost?

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Consult any real estate agent, and they will most likely suggest you hire a property stylist for your house. Property styling is an incredibly useful tool used to attract potential buyers to your property. Instead of considering it as an additional cost, you should think of it as an investment. By investing in house staging, you are more likely to sell your home faster and at a much higher price!

However, like all investments, it is quite natural to be wary. You may want to consider the cost of property styling. Having an estimation of the cost of property styling on hand is a great way to weigh your options. To make things easier for you, we will discuss the average cost of property styling, what this cost includes and what factors can impact your final costs.

So, how much does it cost to stage a house?

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How Much Does Property Styling Cost In Sydney?

You will find plenty of home styling companies in Sydney, and not all of them will offer you the same pricing. After all, pricing depends on the type of company you hire and the services included. However, an average price point can give you a general idea of what to expect.

The average cost for property styling for a small property, such as a 1 bedroom apartment, falls around $3000 + GST. Similarly, for a big property housing around 5 bedrooms, you can expect an average price of $8000 + GST. If you want to style property with more than 5 bedrooms, you can expect $10,000 + GST.

The pricing we have discussed here is an average estimation of the costs you can expect to pay. But what does this cost include?

Property Styling Cost Breakdown

Let’s break down the home staging cost to better understand what you will be paying for. (Note that not all property stylists will offer the services below, be sure to get details on the services they provide.)

1. Consultation Fee

A professional property stylist will first have a walk-through of your property, assessing both the interior and exterior, and offer you professional advice on how your property can be styled. This is the initial consultation and will incur a consultation fee.

2. Design Fee

The property stylist will then decorate your home using a careful selection of colours, decor, and furnishings. This may also include general repairs and maintenance, all to make your property look picture perfect. Fees for this step are referred to as design fees.

3. Transportation Fee

The furniture and items that will need to be brought in along with the team will incur transportation charges. This also includes removing and packing your items to help declutter your property and transporting them to a secure location off-site.

4. Installation Fee

Installation of your new furnishings, home decor items, and furniture rearrangements will usually fall under the installation fee. This process will usually take 3-6 hours but depends on the size of your property.

5. Furniture Rental Fee

Finally, you need to consider the furniture rental fee. Professional property stylists will have their own furniture store, so you don’t have to seek a third-party supplier. They will rent out their furniture for the duration of the open house.

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What Factors Affect Your Final Property Styling Cost?

The property styling cost of any two properties is not always the same. It can vary depending on a myriad of factors. We have discussed a few of these factors below:

A. The Number of Rooms

This is obvious enough. The more rooms your property has, the more it will cost to stage a home. Working with more rooms means adding more labour and using more hours; this will increase your overall home styling costs.

B. Size of Your Rooms

The next thing to consider is the size of your rooms. Rooms that are larger need more attention to get everything right. Property stylists tend to make sure even the finest details are picture-perfect. Larger rooms will therefore take more time to evaluate, set, and style, leading to more costs.

C. Full Styling or Partial Styling

Full styling will have the property stylists remove all your items and bring in fresh decor, artwork, and furnishings to take their place, almost like starting with a clean slate. The partial setting, on the other hand, will include utilizing your existing furniture and adding selective furniture for the final presentation.

In short, having your home partially styled can help reduce costs, but if you have your home fully styled, it will cost you more.

D. Length of Property Styling Campaign/Furniture Rental Term

Most property styling campaigns will last for 6-8 weeks. After that, you can choose to terminate the campaign or request an extension of the rental period if required. This will, however, increase your final home staging costs.

What is Included in Your Final Property Styling Pricing?

Now that you understand how your property styling cost can vary, let us take a brief overview of what your final property styling price will include:

§ Styling Service

Styling services will include a consultation where a property stylist will visit your property and offer details on how your property will be staged. You may also be given a rough estimation of how much this can cost based on the number of rooms, size, and whether or not you want full styling.

§ Furniture & Decorations Hire

Next is the furniture and decor hire. The property stylist you hire will carefully select pieces of furniture, artwork, and accessories that will suit the style your home will be draped in. All will be rented for a select period.

§ Insurance

Next comes insurance. Having insurance means protecting yourself from liability and problems down the road. Most property stylists will offer insurance for broken, damaged, or stolen items.

§ Transportation

The property stylist team will transport your belongings to a safe location and, at the same time, bring in selected sources of furnishing and decor to style your home. This will fall under the transportation fee.

§ Installation and De-Installation

The onsite team will help transform your home in two steps. First, they will declutter the area, removing all or partial items depending on your chosen service type. They will then start setting the stage for your open house, placing items in the right places. This process can take hours but depends on the size of your property.

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Like Styling for Best & Affordable Property Styling Sydney

There you go; we have given you a brief rundown of what house staging costs can include and how much you can expect to pay. However, these numbers refer to standard residential properties. For luxury properties, the pricing models may be different. To get a more accurate estimate of your total cost, you should consult a reputable property styling company.

Finding the right property stylist in Sydney can be a hassle. But if you are serious about selling your property and need an experienced property stylist on board to assist you, contact LikeStyling. We are one of the best professional property stylists across Sydney offering expert property styling services at a highly affordable rate! From selecting furniture to artwork to rugs and managing your home décor, we make sure to accentuate the best features of the property so your buyers can see its true potential.

Contact us today to get more insight into our property styling Sydney services!

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