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Most clients get upset when they notice they have a very limited bathroom area to work with, design, and decorate. However, the concept that there is nothing unique or fascinating you can do with your compact bathroom is absolutely wrong. Here being designer we are providing ideas to treat your small bathrooms.  The idea is to maximize the practical and aesthetic possibilities of small area while also being creative in how to furnish and decorate it. Here are some of the coolest bathroom design ideas you should adopt for your bathroom décor.


Using lighter colors from palette will help to make the small bath room look bigger and brighter also reflects the lights and creates the illusion of bigger space, keep the textures very less to avoid visual clarity and noise. Using matte tiles on floor and contrasting it with glossy wall paint will also help. Is better to keep the trendy colors in mind like grey, off-white, pearl white.

INTERIOR DESIGN TIPS:Uniformity and Harmonies & Glass

Being designer it’s our advice to use same tiles in shower area as well as in vanity area leaving the walls, this will make small bathroom lighter and bigger the illusion here is that we are removing the visual separation of two spaces making it single but larger. If you want to add separation use glass, minimalistic and classy without stopping the vision.


Many people don’t know this trick, yes play vertically with small bathrooms, as adding vertical area makes the space look bigger and feeing of spaciousness. For example keep the shelves open and vertically longer, we recommend go till ceiling, this will result in more space to store your toiletries and spacious vibe. Use area above toilets and install some floating shelves with dim warm light, this will not only allow to add more storing space but also create the environment by adding warm light. Use area above the door to keep towels and bathrobe.

INTERIOR DESIGN TIPS:Mirror on the wall

Bathroom is incomplete without mirror, we recommend using mirrors specially in small bathroom  because of various reasons gives luxurious look, reflects light, make small area look bigger and brighter. Using large mirror will reflect the space making it look bigger , tip here is to use mirror till ceiling, it’s a trick to enlarge a small space, yeah its worth daring. So go big with mirror keeping other elements minimalistic and relatively small.


For aesthetically pleasing lighting don’t just use a single bulb in the center, go beyond, designers always play with light and shadows, you can too. For brighter and uniformed look play with architectural lighting and distribute through different points like mirror corners or ceiling the bathing area, u can also use rope light to create dramatic effect behind the mirror or vanity use line led lights to divide the space.

These are few tips and designer tricks you can practice to make your space look bigger and brighter. Remember balance is important don’t go overboard with these.

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