5 Tips to Help You Style Floating Shelves like a Property Stylist

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Have you just listed your property on the market and are looking for an easy way to up its visual appeal? Property styling with floating shelves can help you do that. With a few simple tips, you, too, can learn how to style floating shelves like a property stylist! Floating shelves not only look modern but also provide space for decorations and make your home feel inviting. Whether it is big, bold art pieces or accessories that bring life into the room, styling these shelves right will help set your house apart from others.

Here we have gathered some expert advice on how you can take advantage of this elegant feature to add extra value when selling your property. Keep reading to find out more!

Choose the Right Shelves for Your Home

For best property styling, consider the size, colour, and materials that best work with your decor. There are a variety of different materials, sizes, and styles to choose from. The right shelves should be proportionate to the room’s size and accentuate the other décor items.

  • Popular materials used in shelving include wood, metal, plastic, and glass. Wood is an attractive option that can be stained or painted to match your décor. Metal is a durable choice available in a variety of finishes. Plastic shelves are affordable but may not be as aesthetically pleasing as other materials. Glass shelves provide a sleek look and will stand out in any room; however, they require more care than other materials.
  • The size of the shelves you choose should depend on the items you plan to place. Shelves for books, movies, and small decorative items should all be considered when shopping for shelving. You can also opt for industrial-style shelves.  
  • When it comes to style, you can choose from modern or traditional shelves. Modern shelves often have a minimalistic design perfect for contemporary homes. Traditional shelving usually has more detailed designs, such as intricate carvings or bevelled edges.

Consider Height

When it comes to shelves, height is an important factor. Shelf height will determine your comfort while reaching items from the shelf. Floating shelves look best when they are close to one another on a wall, usually no more than two feet apart. However, you can stagger them at different heights for greater decorative impact.

Also, ensure you don’t place shelves too high above your head. You want to be able to reach items comfortably with minimal stretching or strain on your body.

Decide How You Want to Arrange Your Shelves

Opt for a symmetrical or asymmetrical design. A symmetrical design will create a more balanced and calming space, while an asymmetrical design may be better if you are looking for more of an artistic expression. Consider how the shelves might be arranged around focal points such as artwork or furniture to add interest and balance.

Also, think about incorporating different levels with your shelving arrangement. This is an easy way to add dimension and create distinct areas in the room. Try using smaller shelves for displaying knick-knacks or accent pieces. Keep the size and weight of objects in mind when arranging your shelves; heavier items should be placed on lower shelves, and lighter objects should be placed on upper shelves.

Think about the colour of your shelving when selecting materials or paint colour. Darker colours can help bring coziness to a room, while lighter colours can make a room appear larger and brighter.

Have Fun with Accents

Decorative wall shelves come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to create visual interest with different heights and textures. Add even more interest by incorporating accents like frames, plants, candles or small sculptures into the arrangement.

For example, pick a focal point — such as a large painting or piece of art — and build your arrangement around it. Mix different finishes and materials like wood, metal, glass, or ceramic to create visual depth for a more eclectic look.

You can also use the entire wall by arranging shelves in clusters or creating several smaller vignettes. Have fun with it! No matter what you choose, adding accents when styling house for sale can make your living area look more interesting and inviting.

Incorporate Different Storage Solutions  

Different types of storage solutions are available to help you make the most efficient use of your shelves. One can use bins, baskets and containers to store items and show the usefulness of the floating shelves when styling a house for sale.


Styling floating shelves with beautiful home décor can make all the difference in creating a look that defines your style and shows potential buyers of your property just how much it could be home to them. By putting in the effort and following these property staging tips, you can ensure that your shelves are artfully finished and serve as a unique selling point for your property.

If you need help deciding what type of decor will work best for your home, Get in touch with Like Styling, one of the top property stylists in Australia providing expert property styling services at incredibly affordable rates.

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