Why You Need to Hire a Property Stylist?

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Whether furniture, homes or investment properties, making a sale is often a vast undertaking. Since massive amounts of money are at stake, ensuring your property looks stunning and presentable is in your best interest if you want to attract worthwhile offers. For example, hiring professional cleaning and landscaping professionals is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your property. However, nothing beats property styling in the modern era when presenting your property to the best of its ability. Buyers are pretty demanding; therefore, hiring a property styling firm is one of the best things to do to enhance the appeal of your home or property. That’s why styling is important in the highly competitive and dynamic Real Estate marketplace. It will help your property to standout and attract many potential buyers with reasonable offers.

While property styling is not a cheap process, you’ll enjoy many benefits and returns during the auction day. So whether you’re looking for property styling in Sydney or anywhere within Australia, reputable property styling firms can help furnish and finish your home before selling it.

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If you’re still stuck on whether you should consider property styling, you’re at the right place. This blog post explains why you should consider hiring a property stylist to enhance the value of your property before selling it:

Property stylist helps your property to standout

Ensuring your property is impressive and stands out is a must to attract more buyers with worthwhile offers. Hiring a property styling firm that understands how to furnish and finish your property will help you to attract potential buyers. As mentioned above, buyers are demanding—the first impression dramatically matters. So you should do more to ensure your property looks outstanding online and in print if you want more buyers to inquire more about your property and hopefully make a purchase. If you get it right, more and more buyers will come to inspect your property, hence giving you strong bargaining power.

Property stylist conceals your property’s flaws

No one wants to buy a property with flaws. If your property is not appealing to customers, it is difficult for you to negotiate a better price. A property with faults gives the buyer the upper hand when negotiating its value. However, if you can find a way to hide the flaws, you’ll realize the actual value of your property. So ensure to style your older property by highlighting its selling points and features while disguising its flaws. For example, installing beautiful artwork, rugs, and exotic furniture will help you keep the buyers’ eyes off the peeling paintwork and your ugly kitchen floor.

Property stylist helps you to showcase the perfect lifestyle

Most buyers always have a picture in mind of the kind of property they want. Because they’re spending vast sums of money, they always want to get the best out of the property they seek to buy. So it’s necessary to style your property to help potential buyers get a clear picture of what it feels like to live in your property. Since you want to appeal to the buyers’ emotions, finding the best house styling ideas is necessary. Fortunately, you can let expert stylists help you while focusing on other essential items. A stylist will assess the different types of buyers in the market and create an appealing setting that would turn many buyers’ heads. If done correctly, buyers would do anything to get the property.

It’s an excellent way of de-personalizing spaces

Family pictures and other essential things purchased during a family holiday can make a space look fantastic. However, when listing a property for sale, you should remove any personal artifacts, pictures and items if you want to make the room more advantageous. Therefore, it’s necessary to remove your items from the room and hire a styling company to enhance the appeal of your property. They can provide de-personalized decoration items that appeal to buyers’ emotions, allowing them to visualize their family photos and artifacts within your property.

Remember that you need to get your property ready for sale. So you must remove all the unnecessary items that would make it less appealing to buyers.

It provides a sense of space after hiring property stylist

When property sellers list their properties for sale, buyers can’t visualize what the space looks like. The first thing that comes into the buyers’ minds is how their furniture will fit within the living spaces. Also, some buyers always want to know whether the bedroom can accommodate a double bed. Buyers have various needs and preferences, which you should consider before listing your property for sale. That’s why styling is essential. A stylist will provide the right size of furniture and bed hat that can fit your specie perfectly. Therefore, buyers will be able to see the best utilization of your space first-hand, saving them stress.

Even more, stylists can help you transform your property into an extra bedroom, enabling you to create an illusion of ample space.


The highly competitive modern real estate marketplace requires property owners to pay attention to the contemporary trends of enhancing the appeal of their properties. So before listing your property for sale, you should ensure that your property is functional, practical and appealing. The first impression is a critical factor in making property sales. Buyers want to visualize the perfect life at your property. So it’s essential to hire styling firms to help you transform your space. They understand the real estate market and key demographics and strive to transform your space to its advantage.

It’s up to you to consider whether you need to style your property or not. But if you’re unsure whether it’s the right thing to do, you can talk to your Real Estate agent about it. Regardless of your decision, we all agree that styling your property comes with substantial financial gains when you successfully sell your property.

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