Property styling

We believe that the first impression is indeed the lasting one. This is particularly true when it comes to selling real estate in a competitive industry.

As an expert in home staging, we do not only consider your property interior, but also the property location and local demographics when styling your property. We can assist your estate to stand out from the rest in line and help you obtain the best sale price in the shortest possible time.

Expert Vision

We provide full property styling service if all existing furnishings are removed from the home and our stylists will create a ‘vision’ for the property interior and outdoor entertaining areas using carefully selected hard furniture and soft furnishings, artwork, rugs, and decor.

Indepth advice

For clients who who need to stay in their properties during the sale period, or want to retain some furniture items, we can also provide a partial property styling service. We can offer advice on what furniture should be removed or how your existing furniture can be rearranged and then bring in additional complementary items to improve the look and feel of your property for sale.

Our process


One of our stylist will meet you at your property to provide a free detailed styling consultation.


Within 24-48 hours of our appointment, we’ll touch base with your bespoke proposal.


Upon acceptance of your proposal, we’ll be in touch to arrange all the finer details of your install.


Our styling team will select pieces from our extensive range of high-quality furniture, artwork and accessories based on your deadlines and our availability.


Our dedicated onsite team of experienced stylists and removalists will be on-site to transform your home. The process can take up to a few hours, or sometimes a full day.


Congratulations, you’ve sold your property. We will touch base to arrange the removal. If your contract has expired, we’ll happily discuss an extension.

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